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G.I. Concepts has worked either directly or indirectly on the following projects:

History Channel Series "Foot Soldier" with Richard Carnes
History Channel Series "Tales of the Gun" First & Secon Season
History Channel Series "Suicide Missions" First & Second Season
History Channel Series "Dangerous Missions" First Season
History Channel Series "Conquest" with Peter Woodward.
History Channel Series "Wild West Tech" First & Second Season
Discovery Channel Series "Case Reopened - Black Dahlia" episode
History Channel Documentary "Wake Island: Alamo of the Pacific"
History Channel Documentary "The Los Banos Raid"
History Channel Documentary "The Rescue"
History Channel Documentary "Spies"
Armed Forces Network "Raymond Rahner" Commercial, (2005)
Independent film "Fighting Foxes" (2000)
Independent film "Rhapsody on Rails" (1999)
Independent film "Sniper" (1997)

Independent film "Only the Brave" (2004)
Documentary "Vietnam Tunnel Rats" 1996
Documentary "War Dogs" 1997)
Feature film "Memphis Belle" (1990)
Feature film "Pearl Harbor" (2001)
Feature film "Saving Private Ryan" (1998)
Feature film "Windtalkers" (2002)
Sideshow Toys (action figures)
21st Century Toys (action figures)
Print work articles in "Militaria" "Military Classics" and "Military Illustrated" Magazines.
"Combat Zone" Military Channel Series 2007 Season
"Roswell" BBC America 2006
"Jane Doe" Lifetime Series "Shaken Not Stirred" Episode 2006
"Battle 360" Military Channel series 2008 Season
Feature film "Valkyrie" 2009
"Patton 360" Military Channel series 2009 Season
"1945-A" Sy-Fy Series pilot (2009)
"US Army Special Forces in Vietnam" Vol. 1, Photo-reference book 2011
Military Channel series "Triggers" 2011-2012 season.

Awards received by G.I. Concepts include:

Outstanding Costuming - Great Western Shows 1989 & 1995
Runner up, Best Costuming 1989 & 1995
Grand Prize Best of Show, Great Western Shows 1998 & 1999
Best Costuming Award 1999


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