Very simply, G.I. Concepts is the best at what we do. If you need military technical advice, actors costumed as solders, military vehicles, props, weapons or set dressing, G.I. Concepts can provide all of these services. We are also able to provide them with a higher level of authenticity and at a considerable cost savings to you. The reason we are able to do this is because we are a one-stop-shop. We have a pool of over 250 in-house actors and background talent who represent all races, ages and physical descriptions. We also have a huge in-house inventory of vehicles, firearms, uniforms, costumes and props, as well as an established network of contacts who can provide everything from livestock to ships & aircraft. Additionally, we have a team of full time, in-house, military experts whose knowledge and expertise span the time-line from ancient Rome to the present day. No other military theatrical service provider has these abilities. One call to G.I. Concepts can set you up with a technical expert for your time period, reserve your soldiers and their costumes, arrange your weapons rentals and also provide you with accurate props or scenery. We can also suggest appropriate sets and shooting locations in the Southern California area. For larger productions, we can travel to any location in the world and we can train background or principal actors with an abbreviated "boot camp" course. With G.I. Concepts, it's no longer necessary to make 20 or 30 contacts to coordinate your military theatrical needs.

G.I. Concepts:


Provides actors who are already familiar with their costume and weapons.


Most of our actors have prior military service.


Provides all of our own costumes. Usually no need to rent anything from other sources.


Provides our own blank firing weapons and firearms in most cases.


Can provide trucks, jeeps, tanks, ships and military aircraft when needed.


Provides an on-set military expert and technical advisor with respectable credentials who specializes in the time period of your production.


Will show you photographs, motion picture film or other documented examples of the costumes you need. Everything we do is backed up by documentation and photographic evidence. That's why the authenticity of your production will be 100% correct.


Will work with you to put together a good show. We are honest and fair and will never rip you off. Customer service is our number one priority. Additionally, all of our staff are friendly and always easy to work with.


No need to clean or return rental costumes.


No need to hire a gun wrangler.


No need to hire a technical advisor.

Other Service Providers:


Do not provide actors who are familiar with their costume and weapons.


Do not and can not provide any of their own costumes. You need to rent everything for them from other sources.


Do not provide any weapons of any kind.


Do not provide any military vehicles of any kind.


Provide self appointed "experts" who claim to know everything about everything. In most cases, they make things up as they go and have no idea what they're doing.


You need to clean and return all rental costumes.


You need to pay extra for the things the actors lose or ruin.


You need to pay extra for a gun wrangler and weapons.


You need to pay inflated rates for unqualified technical advisor con men.

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Compare G.I. Concepts' rates with those of other providers:

G.I. Concepts:


Actors; Typically, between $100 and $250 per person per day, depending on the production and costumes required.


Costumes & uniforms; Included.


Weapons & firearms; Included.


Technical advise & coordinating; Usually included, depending on the production and services required.


Example; 10 costumed soldiers with weapons and military advisor = $1,500 per day total (basic rate).

Other providers:


Actors; Usually between $50 and $100 per day, depending on union or non-union. Some military service providers charge as much as $200 per actor per day, not including a costume or weapon of any type.


Costumes & uniforms; "Western Costume" and "History for Hire" usually charge between $200 and $300 per outfit per day for a complete uniform with personal equipment.


Weapons & firearms; Gun wranglers usually charge about $200 per weapon per day.


Technical advisor & coordinator; Depending on the size of the individual's ego, they can charge anywhere between $500 per show to $5,000 or more.


Example; 10 costumed soldiers with weapons and military advisor = $5,000 minimum per day total. Realistically, you'll probably pay closer to $10,000.

Be smart, use your production budget wisely. Don't waste it on providers who overcharge and nickel & dime you to death. In the end, they cut corners and are only out to make a quick buck. They will set you up with incorrect costumes and say "no one will ever notice". They will lose or destroy the items YOU rent and they couldn't care less that YOU have to pay for it. Additionally, many of the other military advisors currently working in the business are self-centered, egotistical know-it-alls who are very difficult to work with. They have a condescending attitude and consider themselves better than everyone else, simply because they drove a truck in the service 30 years ago. One well known technical advisor frequently shows up on the set intoxicated and thoroughly obnoxious. Does anyone really want to work with people like that?


Don’t be intimidated by ex-military advisors who claim to be “experts”. There are a lot of these guys around and they talk the talk with a hard as nails drill sergeant attitude. God bless them for their military service but a former Marine from the 1980s isn’t automatically qualified as an expert in World War II or Ancient Rome. Suppose you needed a doctor to perform a serious operation. Would you really want a gynecologist to try to perform brain surgery? Not likely. GI Concepts has a team of specialists in every historical period, not just one guy with a military discharge certificate. We will provide you with an experienced advisor with legitimate and relevant credentials for your project. Unfortunately, other advisors make glaring mistakes all the time. They outfit actors in the wrong costumes and those shots have to be re-shot at your expense. Don’t let that happen to you.


The bottom line

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the fine print

Occasionally, we do receive requests for esoteric, bizarre or unusual costumes that we simply can not provide. We do not have robot costumes, outer-space suits, etc. However, it doesn't hurt to ask and if we can't help you, we might know someone who can. Occasionally productions require unusual items, large quantities or other needs that exceed our limits. In these circumstances, we will combine our inventory with the additional items that need to be purchased or rented from other sources. Sometimes this is unavoidable but G.I. Concepts can still save you time and money with our consultation, technical advisory, coordinating and authenticity services, even if you only require some or none of our actors, props or costumes.


We are usually very busy so our services are booked first-come, first-served. It is always in your best interest to give us as much advance notice of your shooting schedule as possible. G.I. Concepts can not organize, equip and deliver soldiers to your set location if you wait until the last minute to call us. Typically, we require two weeks notice to make preparations. We can accommodate some smaller projects in less time but we do ask that you contact us as early as possible. If your project is shooting on a date that has been reserved for another project, we can not double-book. All of G.I. Concept's services are subject to availability. G.I. Concepts asks that all compensation for services rendered be delivered and paid in full within two weeks (14 days) after shooting. All rates and quotes are cash prices. If you need to hire G.I. Concepts personnel as temporary employees and you require tax deductions and W-2 forms, our rates are slightly higher to compensate for any deductions subtracted by your payroll department.


We understand budget restrictions and we will always make every effort to stretch your dollar to provide you with everything we possibly can. However, we can not work our actors over 12 consecutive hours. The term "per day" refers to a time period of more than 4 and less than 12 hours. Any shoots lasting 13 hours or longer will be charged for an additional day. In other words, if G.I. Concepts agrees to provide our services for "one day", that means 12 hours or less, not 13, 14 or 15 hours.  Additionally, we ask that you provide the entire cast and crew with full craft services for all shoots lasting over 4 hours. Reduced rates are available for very short shooting schedules expected to wrap in under 4 hours. Please call us and we'll customize a quote for you.


G.I. Concepts' personnel are also eager to help out on the set. If your art department, PA's, AD's or FX people need a hand, we are happy to help. Loading & unloading equipment and cleaning up isn't fun for anyone but we understand the sooner it's done, the better. That's why we will always offer to help pick up trash, put things away, load equipment, etc.


We provide your project with authentic costumes, props and weapons so please consider their value. Many of the items we use for film work are extremely rare and expensive. A simple "prop" to you may be an irreplaceable one-of-a-kind item to us. None of our costumes and props are disposable. Many of the items in our inventory are the only examples in existence outside of museums. We do account for normal use of our inventory but we do not bring things to the set to be destroyed. If you need to cut, burn or otherwise ruin a costume or prop, we can usually buy a copy specifically for your project and include the purchase price into our fees. Unless otherwise agreed upon, none of our costumes or props will be subjected to excessive make-up, stage blood, paint, special effects, salt water or any other potentially destructive conditions. If the property of G.I. Concepts or personal property of our employees is destroyed due to carelessness, neglect or willful disregard of this policy, the production company will be billed for 10 times the estimated value of the destroyed item.


Employees of G.I. Concepts do not perform stunt work. At no time will any G.I. Concepts personnel risk their lives or personal safety or risk any injury during the course of a theatrical production.


G.I. Concepts will not participate in productions that portray Americans or American soldiers in a negative light. The only exceptions to this are accurate recreations of historically documented or actual events. If your project calls for Americans to portray murders, rapists, thieves, traitors, cowards, deserters, racists, drug addicts, etc., please do not ask us to help you.


By offering to hire G.I. Concepts for any project, you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed above.